About Me

I Coach Early Career Academics From Graduate School to Tenured

I’m a former University Professor and Administrator for over 25 years and presently, a Certified Professional Leadership Coach. I champion Early Career Scholars through major academic milestones in the ways I wished someone had been there for me. 

I succeeded in academe, achieving tenure twice, authoring publications in prestigious journals such as The Harvard Educational Review Journal & Teachers College Record, co-authoring two books published by Teachers College Press, one of which won an award. 

Sadly, I achieved these milestones with so much angst. I never celebrated, not even achieving tenure the first time (at UCLA Graduate School of Education, #2 ranked at the time!)  In fact, I became depressed after tenure. The realization that life was going to be more of the same left me feeling empty even as I accepted congratulations on my achievements from friends and family.

And I kept on succeeding.

Yet the angst never diminished.

I needed a Coach to help me reframe my assumptions around my success, one of which was, "I was never going to be good enough."

I had no champion who could ask me powerful coaching questions. Questions such as: "Good enough for what? For whom? What does being good enough mean to you? What can you do right now, to acknowledge to yourself that you're good enough as you are?" Knowing personally the toll of self-doubt and uncertainty, propelled me to become a Certified  Professional Leadership Coach for Early Career Academics. I offer perspective, discretion, constructive feedback, and committed encouragement, My coaching techniques allow you to reframe your assumptions, examine your mindset, set new goals and succeed in reaching them.