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It's Done. In A Faster Time Than You Ever Imagined.

This is the first major hurdle of your academic career. It makes sense that after years of completing papers shaped by your professors, you falter at the moment when you have to shape your own research and writing. Our coaching sessions address the doubt that may arise. You learn how to value your own ideas, make writing an optimal task, confidently involve your advisor, and complete a draft of your dissertation faster than you can imagine.

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Obtaining Tenure

Guidance & Inspiration

What if you could have your university of choice offering you a tenure track position? How about determining how many years it will take to obtain tenure? What about writing and publishing the number of journal articles you've set as a goal before tenure? 

You have the power to do all of this.

Prosperity Is An Inside Job!

One of my clients made the goal of writing  and submitting 6 journal articles in the 8 months prior to submitting her tenure dossier. Not only did she fulfill her goal, one of her articles was chosen as the best article written that year by the journal in which it was published 

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Beyond Balance: Creating Alignment 

Embrace a Philosophy of Alignment

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times a major issue with which they grapple. In the early years of my career I could not imagine meeting the demands of academe while having an intimate relationship, let alone raising a family at the same time. But I knew that work alone couldn't lead to a happy life.

Today my daughter, Emike (her name means "The One I Want") whom I adopted a year after tenure at UCLA, is two years away from graduating high school and then going on to college. And I raised her as a single parent. Through raising her and reaching for more in life beyond a career, I now live a purpose-driven life in alignment with my values.

Through our coaching sessions, I share the tools and techniques to achieve Alignment.  Achieving alignment is when your clear primary focus is paired with your energy in any given moment.  

I also teach you how to stretch Time to accomplish what you want, in the time that you have (it's possible!)

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I Get You

Let me be of Service to Your Career

Others outside the Academy view your life as easy. They ask, "What do you have to complain about?" The truth is, it's not always easy, especially in the early years of your academic career.  In our coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to exert your power of choice, especially over how you respond to people, and, the inevitable challenges that arise along your journey in academe.

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