• Jennifer Obidah

Walking in the Graduation Ceremony ABD

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

DON’T! DON’T DO IT! ABD—All but dissertation. All but done. Many prestigious universities offer graduate students the “opportunity” to walk in their graduation ceremony ABD. This offer usually comes after your committee officially approves your research proposal. Depending on how long it’s taken you to write your proposal—which by the way, should contain at least a good chunk of your literature review and methodology chapters—it’s so tempting to walk before you’re finished. 

And it’s understandable why so many graduate students do so. There are many good reasons why: financial, family pressure, cohort competition. But most of all, it’s the loneliness of the writing process. Often times you have to find the motivation and discipline within yourself to sort your data and write. Good advisors will check on you periodically. Unfortunately, it’s often you who has to make the appointment with your advisor to tell them how you’re doing. And if you’re telling yourself that you haven’t done enough yet to meet with your “busy” advisor, you put off making the appointment again and again. And time passes. Meanwhile you keep getting this automatically generated email that offers you this opportunity. Taking all of this into consideration it makes complete sense that you think to yourself:

“If I walk it will motivate me to finish!”

BUT IT DOESN’T. JUST WAIT. Really finishing will be worth the wait.

In my upcoming book I tell you how to stay connected with your advisor, get past the lonely feelings and keep writing…STAY TUNED.

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